AutoSoftWay gives you full control of your shops.


With our tight integration with AutoSoftPay Payments it’s easy to have your clients pay in person with just a tap of a button

Inspection Report

Easily add an inspection report to any invoice with annotated pictures.

Service Maintenance

Our application with the help of CarMD® can provide a tailored list of recommended scheduled maintenance items simply by entering a VIN number and mileage.

AutoSoftWay plans include awesome tools to help you to run your auto repair shop.

AutoSoftPay Payments Integration
Vehicle Inspections
Cloud-based platform
Repair Workflow
Unlimited estimates and invoices
Export and Import
SMS and Email
Upcoming Repair
Service Maintenance
Vehicle Warranty

Client Management

  • Manage all of your client information from one place!
  • Each client can have multiple contacts each with their own phone and email address details.


  • Assign vehicles to your clients! Every vehicle record includes their plate number, VIN, style, and model.


  • Define your labour rates for any task! This will make it easier to populate your orders.

Parts / Inventory

  • Keep track of your auto parts inventory and price per unit.


  • Easily generate estimate reports for your clients.
  • This tool can quickly draft an accurate estimate for your customer inquiries.


  • With one tap, you can generate an order invoice from a customer-approved estimate!
  • Each order breaks down the details of parts and labour costs in an easy to understand manner.
  • AutoSoftWay handles proper tax calculations and supports both USD and CAD.


  • Keep track of your shop’s growth
  • Quickly generate a summary report of your shop’s revenue over any time range!

Work Summary

  • Simplify your employees’ timekeeping
  • Keep track of time spent on each repair!
  • You can search by date, or for a specific employee.


  • Manage your shop’s employee information!
  • Keep their basic contact information on AutoSoftWay, so that you can quickly contact them at any time.

Integration with CarMD®

  • The ability to access the extensive library of vehicle information from CarMD® allows your employees to get the right information quickly.
  • Information like repair parts, cost, future maintenance, and diagnostic suggestions are tailored to your clients vehicles.