What is an Auto Shop Management System?

Successful automotive repair shops are busy all year round.

What makes one shop more successful than the other?

Customer volume?


Good service?

Sure. But how do shop owners achieve these milestones? 

What makes them stand out, especially in such a competitive market? 

The secret to success for auto shops, is organization.

If you waste time everyday repeating small tasks, your store will slowly lose out on revenue and profits — time is money!

But organization is difficult, especially when there’s a rush of customers asking for tire changes, brake jobs, or fluid changes.

Keeping track of everything becomes a skill of its own! Just think about all the information shop managers need to keep:

  • Ordering parts
  • Customer information
  • Vehicle information
  • Labour costs
  • Appointment schedules

It’s easy to get lost in the mix! So how do the best auto shop owners stay on top of everything?

Auto Shop Management Software: No more spreadsheets!

Spreadsheets are great! Well, at least they’re better than nothing.

They are easily customizable, and simple to use. Unfortunately they don’t scale well.

Even the best-made spreadsheets will require some maintenance from time to time, especially when your customer base continues to grow!

What if your system crashes and you lose all your unsaved information? Or worse yet, if your file gets corrupted? 

Suddenly all of your customer’s information, invoices, appointments, and everything else, is gone! How would that affect your business?

That’s why automotive management software are made. They easily manage all the data in your shop, while adding an extra layer of security!

The perfect solution to managing your auto shop

Not all automotive management systems are made the same, however.

Application-based systems (the kind that you download to your computer) are a good alternative to spreadsheets, but you still risk losing everything if your computer crashes or fails.

Other systems might be too expensive, and some might not even have the features your shop needs!

When shopping for an automotive management software, you should be looking for these qualities:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Parts inventory
  • Create work orders and labour rates
  • Generate invoices and estimates
  • Book appointments
  • Notify your customers of upcoming appointments, and pickup reminders
  • Proper security for your data
  • Easy to use and affordable

The last two points are the most important. You wouldn’t want to purchase an expensive system only to find that it lacks security, or if it’s too hard to bother learning how to use!

Luckily, AutoSoftWay offers all of these features for a $60 monthly subscription!

This plan includes an additional text message and e-mail notification feature for your customers (if you don’t need this feature, you can register AutoSoftWay for free)!

AutoSoftWay stores all of your store’s information using cloud technology, protecting it from computer failures or file corruption.

As long as you have internet, you can access your store from anywhere with just your web browser!


Hopefully you’ve learned something new about automotive management software today! If AutoSoftWay sounds like a good fit for your auto shop, click here to register today!

If you’d like to learn more about AutoSoftWay, check out our product page before you make a decision!